Taken From "Along the Wisconsin River" By A. Decker, 1907


Ask one hundred men of Stevens Point, who among all the people of the city has done and is doing most to promote, by personal effort, her business, industrial, and social advancement, and ninety of the hundred would say T. H. Hanna. The oft-misused word "Stalwart" is accurately used when applied to Mr. Hanna. In physique and mental furnishings, and all moral qualities he suggests nothing else so much as genuineness and rugged strength. He is a lover of nature - a sportsman in the truest sense of the term, and a lawyer of much ability. Mr. Hanna is in the prime of rugged manhood, and his knowledge is confined in no narrow scope, and he rarely talks in private or public without giving his listeners something worth knowing. He came to Stevens Point eight years ago, and was elected mayor of the city in 1904 and reelected in 1906. The city of Stevens Point has prospered under his administration. The city’s bonds are being paid off, and the streets are being improved in all parts of the city. Mr. Hanna is one of Stevens Point’s most devoted citizens, giving freely of his time and energy to advance the common weal.



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