Taken From "Along the Wisconsin River" By A. Decker, 1907


Promoted by the citizens of the town as a means of employment for the excess labor, the Coye Furniture Company has grown, since its inception in 1899, to be a factor in the furniture manufacturing world, and has been the means of extensively advertising Stevens Point from one end of the country to the other.

Under the able management of W. H. Coye, whose name the Company bears, the concern rapidly forged to the front, the demand for its output being such that extensive additions became necessary after a year or two of operation. Within the last year an Automatic Sprinkler System, giving absolute fire protection, and a vacuum system of heating, have been installed, together with a new series of dry kilns increasing the lumber drying capacity 50 per cent, so that they now have a most modern plant, equipped with up-to-date machinery; occupying a floor space of about 90,000 feet employing almost continuously 175 men, and, consuming about four million feet of lumber per year.

A medium grade of bed room furniture in all the popular woods and finishes, is manufactured, and the output is in great demand in every portion of the country, large shipments being also made to Mexico.

The Company is officered and directed by some of the city’s most progressive business men, D. E. Frost being its President; F. A. Southwick, Vice President; W. S. Young, Secretary, and W. H. Coye, Treasurer and General Manager. To Mr. Coye, as manager, belongs the greatest credit for the advancement the concern has made, the entire management and operating of the plant having been directly in his hands since the beginning of the erection of the buildings. Mr. Coye has the reputation of being one of the best furniture men in the country and this is borne out by the condition of the Company which bears his name.

The outlook for the future of this Company is very bright and Stevens Point may well he proud of its furniture manufacturing concern.


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