E. J. Pfiffner

Taken From "Along the Wisconsin River" By A. Decker, 1907


E. J. Pfiffner has traveled most of the old Indian trails along the Wisconsin River. He came to Stevens Point in 1875 and started in the lumber business in 1889, doing a wholesale and jobbing business. He has served time in the logging camps in the pine woods, on the river drive and in the lumber office. He owns and operates a large planing mill, does logging and manufacturing as well as wholesaling and retailing of all kinds of native lumber to the extent of fifteen or twenty million annually.

Mr. Pfiffner has been a member of the city council for six years and president of the council for four years. He is president of the Citizens National Bank, and has served two years on the school board.

Mr. Pfiffner is a man of excellent business judgment, large common sense, and strict integrity. He takes great interest in educational work and in the upholding of Stevens Point. He is a type of the hustling, progressive businessmen to be found in the Wisconsin Valley. He is always looking upon the bright side of life and ever earnestly advocating what he believes to be right, and making an earnest effort to find out what is right.

Mr. and Mrs. Pfiffner occupy a pleasant, model home on Strongs Avenue. Their home life is ideal in happiness. They are identified with the best social life in Stevens Point, and are of the sort of people whose presence is welcomed in any city.


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