Taken From "Along the Wisconsin River" By A. Decker, 1907


It is not our intention to dwell upon the past history of Stevens Point, but rather to call the attention of busy businessmen of affairs, who live and act in the swift moving current of the present, to the existing conditions and future possibilities of this busy, growing and prosperous city of the Wisconsin River; young in its history but mature in every phase of development that makes modern cities. The founders and pioneer builders of Stevens Point realized the fact that a beautiful, clean and well governed city is the most business-like one, being the best fitted for the real and practical purposes of a city, and left a heritage in the way of broad streets and beautiful well kept homes and lawns that has not been neglected, for their descendants have continued the good work, and on the principle of "birds of a feather flock together" they have attracted people with equal sense of beauty and love of home. This spirit grows with the city and will continue to grow until the contemplated river front improvement is consummated, which will make Stevens Point (now famous for beauty and cleanliness) one of the model cities of the Wisconsin Valley. It is almost universally characteristic of cities of Wisconsin to be so absorbed in the pursuit of wealth as to entirely lose sight of sanitary conditions and home comforts. The beautifying of the cities of Wisconsin has recently become an interesting and popular subject along the Wisconsin River. All cities have choice residence districts where the homes, lawns and streets are attractive and well kept, but in Stevens Point this condition extends over the entire city, evidencing the fact that prosperity, contentment and love for home prevails among all classes and that a friendly co-operative spirit exists between capital and labor.

Stevens Point has cheap power, productive soil and progressive people.

With an enterprising and progressive population as Stevens Point has, it is but natural that the public schools should be her pride. The buildings are modern and well equipped, especially is this so of the high school and State Normal.

The city enjoys a splendid retail trade, and this accounts for the finely furnished and well-stocked stores. Competition is keen and prices are kept at a minimum. Within a few miles of the city are many prosperous farmers and stock-raisers who have grown wealthy or acquired a competency, yet there are thousands of acres that are practically untouched. As these are cleared up and cultivated, the retail trade will increase in a corresponding degree. Stevens Point has the greatest number of miles of improved streets by macadam and brick pavement of any city in the Wisconsin Valley. Its common council is composed of practical, progressive, intelligent businessmen. In every walk of life there are proofs of frank and noble hospitality and openhearted geniality.


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