Taken From "Along the Wisconsin River" By A. Decker, 1907


Among the mills and manufacturing companies that have brought permanent prosperity to Stevens Point none are more entitled to special mention than the John Week Lumber Company. This firm was established in 1851 and located in Stevens Point in 1881 and incorporated in 1884 with N. A. Week, President; John A. Week, Vice-President, and A. R. Week, Secretary and Treasurer. This company saws about twelve million feet of lumber a year, consisting of pine, hemlock and hardwood. They are owners of large tracts of timber lands, and employ 150 men in the cutting and transportation of their logs, while 120 men are employed in their saw and planing mills and yards in the city. They do both a wholesale and retail business. Both of their mills are operated by steam power.

The greater portion of the logs are still floated down the Wisconsin river, while a portion are brought in by rail.

The members of the corporation are among the substantial and solid citizens of Stevens Point, enterprising and public-spirited. They are a striking example of the energy and push which has made this city what it is today.

The John Week Lumber Company is one of the leading commercial and manufacturing institutions of the city and has been a material factor in Stevens Point’s prosperity and growth.

As a corporation, and as citizens, the members have been loyal to Stevens Point. They have done much to develop the industries and resources of this section, and the people are glad that success has come to them.


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