Taken From "Along the Wisconsin River" By A. Decker, 1907


Stevens Point has the distinction of possessing one of the largest, most thoroughly equipped and best steam laundries in the valley. In fact it is one of the largest laundries in the state outside of Milwaukee. It gives employment to upwards of thirty hands the whole year, turning out upwards of six hundred dollars worth of work each week. The main building is about 75x180 feet, with an annex about 40x120 feet, besides a large engine room, coal sheds, barn, carriage house, etc. Modern machinery and modern methods are in use, and every effort made to secure the very best results both in quality of work and promptness in turning it out.

Agencies are maintained in over fifty villages and cities in northern and central Wisconsin and northern Michigan, and the fact that work is sent here in preference to other laundries, very near the point of shipment, is ample proof of the good quality of the work done.

Mr. D. J. Leahy, the manager of the laundry, is a man in whom all its patrons have full confidence, a fact amply attested by the phenomenal growth of the business during the past year.

This laundry is open every day in the week, and visitors are always sure of being welcome, every courtesy being shown them both by the manager and his employees. Wisconsin’s Best Laundry is an institution of which Stevens Point may well feel proud.






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