The Frame Memorial Presbyterian Church in Stevens Point is named for Reverend Walter R. Frame, a popular pastor of the church from 1884 to 1890. Reverend Frame died of influenza, combined with pneumonia. Only 41 at his death, Frame was much respected by virtually the entire population of Stevens Point.

Frame’s death was not the end of his influence, however. Two sons, John and Murray, were later involved with missionary activities overseas.

In 1901, Murray Frame graduated from college with the expressed vocation of becoming a missionary to Lahore, India (now Pakistan). At that time, his brother John was in medical school. He, too, became a missionary.

John Davidson Frame and his wife were missionaries at the American Presbyterian Mission, Resht, Persia by 1924. Various newsletters in the Portage County Historical Society collection report the good works that Dr. Frame, his wife and his family undertook in Persia.

Other letters among the collection record a return vacation to the United States by way of Russia in 1927. In this country, Dr. Frame undertook an exhaustive tour of Presbyterian organizations. He and his family also visited Stevens Point to see old friends.

In his sons, the Reverend Walter Frame continued his good works. Each son chose an area in which to serve his beliefs. More information about the Frame family activities can be found in the collections of the Portage County Historical Society.

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