The bill, #530A, to incorporate Stevens Point as a city was submitted to the legislature on March 20, 1858. It was referred to the Committee on Incorporation and reported favorably by that Committee on March 26. The Assembly passed the bill on April 17 and it went to the Senate and was passed there on May 5. However, a large number of amendments were attach-ed to the bill by the Senate. On May 6 the Assembly concurred in all amendments but one and passed the bill back to the Senate. On reconsideration on May 10 the Senate dropped its remaining amendment end passed the bill. It was then cent to the Governor who signed bill 530A on May 17, 1858. The bill ultimately became Chapter 267 of the Private and Local Laws of 1858. A search for the signed original bill discloses that at some time in the past it was mysteriously removed from the Secretary of State’ s office.

The Act of Incorporation provided for a Mayor and Board of Aldermen. The city was divided into three wards with two aldermen for each ward. Election precincts were also established. One of the important benefits of the city charter was the fact that the city was now entitled to three representatives on the County Board. The first election was held on June 26, 1856 end the following were the first elected officers of the new City of Stevens Point:

Mayor - William W. Schofield

Treasurer - H. B. Martin

Aldermen - Moses Perkins, Anson Rood, Valintine Brown, Seth W. Holmstad, A. G. Hamaker and H. Ferguson

The new City Council met for the first time on July 1, 1858 in the Old District School House and elected the remaining needed city officials - a city clerk, attorney, street commissioners, and surveyor. They also named one of their members, Anson Rood, as President of the Council.

First appeared in the Pinery June 12, 1958

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