LANARK — this name probably came from Scotland. Undoubtedly given it by families whose place of origin was Scotland.

NELSONVILLE - named for Jerome Nelson, an Englishman and pioneer who purchased land to erect a mill and build a dam on the Waupaca river for power to run the sawmill.

AMHERST —according to legend named for Amherst in Nova Scotia, reputedly the native place of an early settler by the name of Urline.

ALBAN — bears the name of a Civil War regimental commander, James S. Alban who was mortally wounded at Shiloh in the battle of Pittsburgh Landing, Apr. 6, 1862.

STOCKTON - to quote Malcolm Rosholt in ‘Our County, Our Story” the derivation of the name Stockton is uncertain. Several men in American History bear this name, one of who signed the Declaration of Independence. Sherman believes it was named after Commodore Stockton, presumably Robert F. Stockton an American Naval Officer before the Civil War. It is more likely that the township was named after the city in Durham County, England.

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