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The first post office in Portage County was opened in 1845 at Plover. Fifty-three post offices followed.

Initially, there were no home mail deliveries. People had to go to the post office to claim or mail letters and packages. Consequently, post offices were opened soon after immigrants settled in an area.

In 1849 post offices were opened in Stevens Point and Shaurette; in Almond and Buena Vista, 1850; in DuBay (the name was changed to Eau Pleine), 1851; in Lake Sarah, 1852; in Iron Creek, 1854; in Badger and Madely, 1855 and in Emily and Stockton, 1858. Some were short-lived: Shaurette closed in 1850, Lake Sarah in 1854 and Iron Creek in 1857.

In 1900 there were 35 post offices, but their number decreased rapidly with the establishment of rural routes in 1896. Between 1900 and 1907 21 post offices were closed, including one at Torun that lasted from 1902 to 1904. Only one post office opened after that at Coddington, but it closed in 1955. The one at Tabor opened in 1907, but closed in 1912. Casimir closed in 1910, Fancher in 1913, Arnott and Stockton in 1934 and Polonia in 1939.

At present there are only ten post offices in the county: the city of Stevens Point; the villages of Almond, Amherst, Amherst Junction, Junction City, Nelsonville, Plover and Rosholt and the unincorporated places of Bancroft and Custer. Since the Nelsonville post office is so near Amherst Junction, it has been an issue to close the post office. However, it remains open since inhabitants of the village, many who are elderly, have petitioned to keep it open. With the exception of Nelsonville, the other post offices have free rural delivery.

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