The Wisconsin Pinery

The first newspaper in Stevens Point begun by A. G. Ellis.

The Wisconsin Pinery
Jan. 14, 1853
Volume 1, No.1
(original spelling retained)

This paper is established for the benefit of the people of the several counties on the upper Wisconsin River, devoted chiefly to the interest of the lumberman.

We are not alone at Stevens Point, on the Wisconsin; several other fair villages adorn the banks of this noble stream.

Pointe Bas, some 30 miles below here, just in the edge of Adams Co., the head of steamboat navigation, though but small as a village now, is likely to become rather an important pointe, and a town.

Grand Rapids, some 24 miles below here, is a place of business already, has on enterprising population and bids fair to offer a respectable competition to any other place on the river.

Plover 8 miles below here is the county seat of this (Portage) county; finely built, on a beautiful plateau, about a mile from the Wisconsin, has some 300 inhabitants and presents a most inviting appearance, for pleasant residences.

Further upstream, in Marathon County, we have some most enterprising neighbors and especially at Big Bull Falls; their village is called Wausau, and is the seat of justice for that county. Some 300 or 400 inhabitants are located there: the site is eligible, water power unsurpassed in the great west, and well improved. Men of the right (go ahead) temper are there: they are already talking of competing with us for the crossing of the great thoroughfare, from Green Bay to the Mississippi. They have looked out a good route for a road from thence, via Lake Shawanno to Green Bay: they have a good farming country and all in all are worthy of note in these Pineries. More about the villages by and by. 

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