Extraordinary Circus Artists

Marge & Johnny Armstrongs

Ruthie Engford Clark says:

My family, "The Engfords" worked on the same shows with Armstrongs and Consuelo many times thru the years, and became very close friends. We practiced and rehearsed together at a gym outside Chicago between show engagements. We all had fun, getting together for dinners at each others homes. Connie (Consuelo) was Maid of Honor at our Helicopter wedding, and as Connies' friend, no one was happier than me when she married Dieter Tasso a couple years later. The tragedy of her death a few months later, in a car accident, brought our families even closer over the next several decades. Her parents and my parents are all gone now, but The Armstrongs will always remain a very big and important part of my life.

First photo is publicity photo. Second photo is the original act of Adagio/Acrobatic they did many years ago, mostly in theaters and nightclubs. Third photo is the comedy version of original act called "Acro-Nuts" very cute act, worked very fast, very energetic and got good laughs. And the last photo is "Johnny Joker" comedy Break-Away bike act. The bikes, props and wardrobe for this act are now in the Tim Tegge Circus Collection.



Marge & Johnny performed these acts for many years, mostly Club dates, Fairs, Theaters, and on rare occasions, Circus.


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