Extraordinary Circus Artists

Miss Loni

miss loni obit

Ruthie Engford Clarke says this about Miss Loni.

"Miss Loni", she is the mother of Tim Tegges' wife, Barbara, who is also a fine foot-juggler."

"Thru the years, we worked hundreds of shows with Loni. She was a featured performer wherever she went, and also a very nice person. Miss Loni made fabulous costumes, often trimmed in pearls and fur. Her husband was an ex-dancer, and assisted Loni with catching and handing her the foot-juggling props. I used to love to watch him, as he would leap in at the last minute to retrieve a prop she had just finished with; dancing around the edges of the spotlight and NEVER in it, so the audience was really not aware of their being an assistant to Loni. He led her to the stage or ring, and escorted her away, keeping the attention on HER, and him out of the light. He was a very valuable part to her exquisite presentation and the audience really didn't know he was there!"



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