Extraordinary Circus Artists

Dieter Tasso

"The Engfords" first worked with Dieter when he first came to this country, in about 1955 or 1956. He was featured immediately for his remarkable juggling ability, and presentation. He performed in all major Circus, Theaters, TV shows, Club Dates, etc. here, as well as, in Europe. In fact, he is still performing a variation of his original act, and was at Bartlets' Water Show in Wisconsin Dells the summer of 2013. Look for him in 2014, too, and beyond!

He was very adept at intricate juggling of Top Hats, and also amazing with Cigar Boxes. But, his signature work shows in the photo where he stands on one foot on a slack wire, while with the other foot, tossed a series of "cups & saucers" onto his head. First the saucer, then the cup, landing right on the saucer. Then, the next and the next - each toss just a little different from the last, to attain the extra height. This requiring endless, endless practice and concentration to accomplish. Finally, after the stack was complete, he tossed a sugar bowl; then a spoon; then a sugar cube! The audience loved it!

In time, Dieter realized a knack for comedy - a special instinct - he started to combine some comedy into this most difficult act, and eventually, transitioned into a hilarious comedic variation of his original act, which is what he is still performing today. The "Cups & Saucers" are packed away now, and the wire-rigging, too, as he enjoys making people laugh, and do they ever laugh!

Connie (Consuelo) was married to Dieter Tasso. (Videos: Deiter Tasso: A Jocular Juggler., Dieter Tasso: A Juggler's Journey to America.)


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