Educational Material for Teaching
Portage County & Wisconsin History

The Society has a number of means for providing history lessons to interested parties. Among them are our Half Day April 16 -- May 11, 2018 at our Hie Corner One Room School House. This program began in 1998 and continues today. Each year 800 - 1,000 students participate.

Suggested source material for 3rd Grade Portage County History instruction is presented here.

Suggested source material for 4th Grade Wisconsin History instruction with a combination of offsite and onsite material.

In addition, the Society can provide specialized programs presented by our members. Contact us for more information.

A must visit to our Nation's Archives to read and download our primary documents of freedom!

Geography Page

The geography of Wisconsin was formed by a series of Ice Ages. Here in Portage County we have ample evidence of this geologic event. Visiting the "Wisconsin Geological & Natural History" site will provide detailed information.


Land Survey Information

The Wisconsin Geological Survey provides much information and downloadable material. Of great value is the "Understanding Wisconsin township, range, and section land descriptions" located at the bottom of the Online Page.

  • Land Survey System - an explanation of Township, Range and Section.
  • Hathaway's Field Notes - Joshua Hathaway made extensive notes as he surveyed the county in the 1830's. Others followed him with more extensive field notes in the 1850's.

Tours of Portage County, Wisconsin already available on this site



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