The Old Plover Methodist Church

Geotag information GEO: 44.456624, -89.540563

This building, the oldest standing church in the county, was built about 1857 by the Presbyterian Congregation. Some 9 years later, 1866, the building was sold to the Methodist Congregation. This group used the structure until 1963 when they built a new church. For the next 16 years the structure underwent at least two "guttings" in an effort to convert it to other uses. These did not work and the building was simply allowed to sit. The Society obtained the building in 1978 and began the long process of bringing it back from the verge of collapse. The exterior of the church is Greek Revival architecture and is built in the style of barns of the times in order to obtain the large interior needed for a church. The society has left all of this intact in its efforts to preserve this building.

The society was also able to get the building listed on the National Register of Historic buildings. The steeple blew off in two sections over the years and the society does have plans to restore that portion of the building in the future. The Church's basic interior features have been maintained as far as possible after the early gutting. Second floor galleries have been added to increase the display area. The building is now being used by the historical society as its main, annual display area.



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