Pierce Building/Agricultural Museum

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The Pierce building was built by the Pierce family in the Village of Plover (one of the most influential families in the area). It functioned as a grocery store and butcher shop at the time it was built. As with most older structures it served a wide variety of businesses after the Pierce family sold it - which included a general merchandise store. The Society moved the Pierce Building to Heritage Park in 1989 with the intent to utilize the building as a print shop to display the society's wide collection of print machines (front portion) and to display agricultural equipment (rear portion).

Unfortunately, the structure was burned by vandals in 1994. A portion of the front has been partially restored and will function as a print shop. Restoration of the front portion of the Pierce Building.

Agricultural Museum

In 2012, a Pierce Building Committee was formed to address the uncovered basement of the back 2/3's of the Pierce Building. President Tim Siebert appointed Board Directors Jim Abbrederis (Chair), Jerry Rohlinger, Dave Simonis, Anton Anday (Curator of Heritage Park) to the committee. The committee's goals were to: design a barn-like structure to display our agricultural items; secure the necessary funding to build the structure; and oversee its completion. A design by Revelations Architects was approved and fundraising began. With support from many local businesses and individuals, Heartand Custom Homes began construction in March, 2016 with phase one, the exterior, completed in Oct. 2016. Phase two, the interior, has also been completed.

The barn will be used as a display and resource area depicting the influence of farming in Portage County. External features include a lean-to running nearly the entire length of the south side to display much of the Farm Equipment restored by Milo Harpstead which had been exposed to the elements. The interior will provide display area for our other farm related material.



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